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I love summer for many reasons. Besides the warmer weather, summer is a fantastic time for me to discover new books, music, and TV shows. It is almost six months since I joined Spotify. In fact, the only reason I joined was to listen to Panic! at the Disco’s new album, Death of a Bachelor, the day of its release. I had no idea how wonderfully addictive Spotify was. This is an amazing music streaming app. I cannot believe I haven’t join Spotify earlier.

The Shadow SideFrom June 14th to today, I have obsessively listened to Andy Black solo album and Black Veil Brides albums. Let’s start with Andy Black since it was The Shadow Side that sparked my obsession. Some days I get random whim urges to check out a certain artist/band. I’d seen Andy Black’s name sporadically pop up on my Twitter timeline and one of my friend’s Spotify listening sessions. So I decided to check out Andy Black’s music. I honestly had no idea what to expect but nonetheless kept an open-mind going into it.

Holy moly! I was completely surprised by Andy Black’s deep raspy vocals. It was a very pleasant surprise. The Shadow Side album was love at first listen. So much raw emotions woven into every song on the album. Beautiful storytelling of the ups and downs in his life. Now this is what I look for in music. Lyrical content depth is seriously lacking in majority of mainstream music. The dark-wave pop/rock vibe of Andy Black’s solo album was very appealing as well.

Also, I checked out the music video for the album’s single “We Don’t Have To Dance” on YouTube. HUGE MISTAKE! I was neither mentally nor emotionally prepared for his overwhelming gorgeousness. Andy is so beautiful…I legit cried the first time I saw “We Don’t Have To Dance” music video. (Random side note: I don’t casually throw around the word “beautiful” when describing a guy. It is the highest form of compliment that one can be bestowed with.) His gorgeousness and deep raspy vocals basically melted me into a puddle of fangirl feels! I don’t care how pathetic this sounds. Also, his unique vocal tone is quite soothing to listen to for many hours. I haven’t experienced such an intense reaction like that since I discovered Panic! at the Disco’s music five years ago. Brendon Urie now has a rival. I’m seriously not kidding.

I consulted the almighty Google to learn more about Andy Black. Andy Black, better known as Andy Biersack, is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. Very fascinating name for a rock band. This very much intrigued me. Plus, I was curious whether Black Veil Bride’s music was similar in sound to Andy Black’s solo album. I’ve listened to the rock genre for the past 6-10 years. For some unknown reason, I had never heard of Black Veil Brides until very recently. The next blog post will go into more detail about my Black Veil Brides obsession.

I’ll leave you with Andy Black’s official music video for “They Don’t Need To Understand”. This music video is from two years ago. Andy Biersack wanted to introduce listeners to his upcoming Andy Black solo project.



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