The Devil Wears Prada

Over the past 11 years, I’ve honestly lost track the amount of times I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada film. It was released into theaters in June 2006. When I was 13, I remember going to the theater to see this dramedy film with my mom. Sure this isn’t exactly a teenager friendly movie. Most of my life, my taste in TV shows, movies, and music hasn’t been quite conventional. Let alone appropriate for my age group. Hell I was watching Friends and Tonight Show with Jay Leno when I was a teenager.

The_Devil_Wears_Prada_book coverThe Devil Wears Prada is based off the 2003 novel by Lauren Weisberger. After I saw the movie, I was curious to read the novel. Drastically different from the film adaptation in many ways besides changing some of the sub-plots details. There are so many other differences. Most importantly, Miranda Priestly’s character are two entirely different interpretations in the book versus film. Yet, I honestly don’t mind the drastic changes made for the film adaptation.

The Devil Wears PradaThe cast ensemble for The Devil Wears Prada is simply brilliant. Meryl Streep plays the leading role of Miranda Priestly, Runway magazine’s editor-in-chief. Anne Hathaway plays the role of Andrea “Andy” Sachs, junior assistant to Miranda. Emily Blunt plays the role of Emily Charlton, senior assistant Miranda. Stanley Tucci plays the role of Nigel Kipling, Runway’s creative art director. Also, there are plenty of fascinating supporting minor characters from Andy’s work and personal lives. The Devil Wears Prada formed my appreciation for Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci as I hardly watched any of their previous film works. My main motivation to see this film was Anne Hathaway. I’ve been a longtime fan of her since The Princess Diaries in 2001. I went into the movie theater to see The Devil Wears Prada with an open-mind. Not surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed this dramedy film.

Every re-watch of The Devil Wears Prada I always find interesting nuances within the plot arc and character development. Miranda Priestly doesn’t have as many lines compared to Andrea Sachs. Yet, Miranda’s character is quite different from the novel. In the film adaptation, Miranda is a ruthless editor-in-chief but still has a heart. Her treatment of her Runway employees and fellow subordinates in the fashion industry isn’t nearly as psychologically or emotionally abusive. Miranda even expresses emotional vulnerability in few scenes with her junior assistant, Andy. What makes Miranda’s character development brilliant is the subtleties in terms of her mannerisms when interacting with other characters within work and home settings. Meryl Streep’s different spin on the villainous Miranda Priestly was spectacularly refreshing.

It’s safe to say I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada at least 15 times over the past 11 years. With each re-watch, I’ve had interesting revelations about aspects of the plot and characters as I get older. Being older, I have a different perspective of the world I live in. There are few things that especially stand out to me.

Andy's fashion evolution-TDWP

First, Andy changes her mindset of the fashion industry after many months of working her demanding job at Runway magazine. During her time at Runway, Andy’s eyes are open to all the possibilities out there in the fashion industry. Her perspective of fashion industry isn’t the only thing that changes. Her fashion sense quickly evolves from frumpy college graduate to chic New York City career woman.

Her friends and boyfriend see this fashion evolution as becoming too materialistic and narcissistic. No longer interested in spending time with her loved ones. Junior assistant to Miranda Priestly is an intense job that requires more time commitment. Not your typical 9-5 pm Monday to Friday job. It does involve extra hours outside of the office and even sacrificing your weekend. This was Andy’s first job right after graduating college. Sometimes you must do not as ideal jobs to reach your career goals. Andy was willing to put in the extra hours.

Her friends and boyfriend give Andy crap for prioritizing her job over them. This really pisses me off. Andy is trying to jump start her career as a journalist and the stepping stones to get there will not always be most ideal. But you’ve got to give her credit for making the best of a job that has crazy long hours and constant stress. Work and personal life balance isn’t easy to achieve when you’re starting your career right out f college. Yet, Andy doesn’t forget where she came from despite her demanding, stressful job. She always finds ways to spend time with her friends and boyfriend when there are small pockets of available time.

Plus, her friends and boyfriend viewed her slight personality change as a negative thing. I personally believe people will change over the years. Some change isn’t always for the worst. Honestly, you don’t see either her “friends” or boyfriend be supportive of her demanding job. Andrea doesn’t need people in her life that drag her down or hold her back from living her life to the fullest. Worse of all, they make her feel guilty for changing too much. Lily, Doug, and Alex are all selfish assholes. In my honest opinion, she really needs to find a new crowd to hang out with. A group of people who support her and accept it is okay for people to change over time. I am well-aware how this analysis is very unpopular opinion.

TDWP_Miranda and Andy

Second, the beautiful evolution of the work relationship between Miranda and Andrea. Initially, Miranda is quite skeptical if Andy can perform all aspects of the demanding and stressful role as her junior assistant. Miranda doesn’t think she will last long. Andy works extra hard to prove herself as junior assistant. She even adapts well to the fast-pace work environment at Runway magazine. Andrea transforms from an caterpillar to a blossoming butterfly.

Miranda gives Andy the golden ticket to many elite social events in the fashion industry in New York and abroad in Paris. Andy grabs these opportunities and gains new perspective of the world. This includes incredible networking with influential people in the world of fashion as well. There are glamorous aspects to working as Miranda Priestly’s junior assistant.

Miranda notices Andrea’s evolution since starting as her junior assistant. She is very impressed by Andy’s work ethic and ambitions. Most of all, Miranda only shows emotional vulnerability around Andrea. I’m sure not even her family sees her express such emotional vulnerability. She is almost always seen wearing an intimidating facial expression. Her accomplishments have earned her high esteem and respect in the fashion world. Miranda pushes her employees because she knows they will always come through and deliver in the end. Runway didn’t become the world’s most influential fashion magazine without blood, sweat, and tears. Miranda is disappointed when Andrea quits Runway but give an outstanding recommendation for her next job at another publishing company. Miranda Priestly grew fond and came to respect Andrea Sachs.

Revenge Wears Prada book coverThird, the changes in characterization and storylines worked out to improve the film adaptation as a whole. I read The Devil Wears Prada novel many years ago. Also, this isn’t a teenager-friendly book. Way more sexual innuendos and profanity from start to finish. The film adaptation is rather tame in many aspects. I enjoyed the novel yet I wouldn’t classify it as one of my favorite books. By the way, Lauren Weisberger came out with a sequel. Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns came out in June 2013. (Random note: Four years ago, I bought this sequel novel at small bookstore in Rotterdam airport. But I have yet to have read it in full entirety. I’ll eventually get around to it.) The Devil Wears Prada film adaptation took the book source material and elevated it to an entirely new level of awesomeness. It explored fascinating nuances that weren’t touch on much in the novel. The character development contributed to making the movie’s storylines even more appealing. In fact, it is one of my all-time favorite films.

I don’t know much about current fashion trends or workings of the fashion world. Yet, The Devil Wears Prada appeals to a wide audience and age group. Plenty of heart and soul in the storylines. I appreciate it when a movie effectively uses subtleties rather than placing unnecessary dialogue between characters into a scene. But it takes the right actor to properly execute such subtle emotions. The incredible cast ensemble especially Meryl, Anne, Emily, and Stanley brought their complex characters to life. The Devil Wears Prada will never get old no matter how many times I re-watch it.


Fall Out Boy


I grew up during the emo/ pop punk mainstream popularity in the mid-2000s. Fall Out Boy is one of the few former “emo” bands who are still relevant in the music. I only fell in love with their music after listening to their their album, Infinity on High, in 2007. Many “emo” bands either disbanded or faded into music oblivion. Only some former “emo” bands endured the test of time in the music industry over the past decade.

In a previous blog post, I brought up how I only decided to check out Fall Out Boy’s music to make my friend, Shakira, stop nagging me. It’s a 50/50 chance you’ll end up liking something in such situations. Infinity on High album formed my appreciation for Fall Out Boy in 2007. Yet, it wasn’t until a year or two later I was actively listening to FOB’s music.

Here’s some background information about Fall Out Boy. This band is from Chicago, Illinois. It consists of four band members. Patrick Stump is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Also, he plays the piano instrumental parts in FOB songs. Pete Wentz is the bass guitarist. Joe Trohman is the lead guitarist. Pete and Joe provide backing vocals as well. Andy Hurley is the drummer.

FOB members             [From left to right: Joe Trohman, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley]

Fall Out Boy formed in 2001. They have released six studio albums since 2003. Take This To Your Grave, their debut album, was released in May 2003. From Under The Cork Tree was released in May 2005. Infinity on High was released in February 2007. Folie à Deux was released in December 2008. Fall Out Boy was on hiatus between 2009 and 2012. Save Rock and Roll was released in April 2013. American Beauty/ American Psycho was released in January 2015.

From Under the Cork Tree album launched Fall Out Boy into mainstream popularity.  Even still to this day, I don’t love From Under the Cork Tree album. This is typically an all-time favorite album for longtime FOB fans. Nope not me. I only really love the promotional singles from this album. Sugar We’re Goin’ Down. Dance, Dance. Fall Out Boy was truly “pop-punk” with their first two albums. Yet, I much prefer Take This to Your Grave if I’m in a more pop-punk mood.

Infinity on High albumInfinity on High album will always have a special place in my heart. It was my official introduction to Fall Out Boy. Honestly, it was love at first listen. It wasn’t traditional pop-punk style. In fact, this album was a huge departure from their sophomore album. Elements of R&B, soul, and flamenco. There are even brass instruments like bass trombone and French horn incorporated into some of the songs. All studio albums following Infinity on High began Fall Out Boy’s musical evolution to more pop rock style.

FFolie a Deux albumolie à Deux title translates to “A Madness Shared by Two”. This is first FOB album in which the lyrical content is less autobiographical. All other albums have incorporated elements of the bands collective experiences within the lyrical themes and content. With a slight political edge, their fourth studio album explores themes of moral dilemmas, decaying social relationships, and societal shortcomings. They didn’t want overly political themes by leaving the lyrics up to interpretation for the listeners. Also, Fall Out Boy continued to experiment with non-pop punk musical styles in their fourth studio album. Elements of R&B and soul are mixed in with the alternative rock style. This is easily their most underrated studio album. I’ve grown to appreciate Folie à Deux more over the past several years.

I was overjoyed when news of Fall Out Boy’s return broke all over the internet. I had really hoped Folie à Deux wasn’t going to be their last studio album. I’d seen enough of my beloved pop-punk bands disband. I didn’t want Fall Out Boy to join the list. Fall Out Boy reimagined their musical style in their post-hiatus studio albums. Save Rock and Rock and American Beauty/American Pyscho are drastically different in terms of musical style. Yet, they are closer to pop rock style. There is even influences of electronica rock. Fall Out Boy took a huge risk reinventing themselves post-hiatus. Yet, it paid off as they are still very much prevalent in the music industry.

Fall Out Boy is known for their fascinating song titles. Take This to Your Grave to Folie à Deux studio albums had some long song title as well.  Their fifth and sixth albums had shorter, more straightforward song titles. I’m glad to see the return of quirky song titles in upcoming seventh album, Mania. Some aspects of old FOB remain the same.

Every band is different how they delegate lyric writing and music composition duties. Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump make a dynamic duo. Pete is the primary lyricist. Patrick is the primary music composer. I’m sure Andy and Joe give their input as well. Yet, Fall Out Boy covers a range of topics in their music. Not beating the same dead horse. Each of their studio albums are different in terms of musical style and lyrical content themes. I personally don’t want to hear the same musical style for every album. Change and evolution is important for any musician. Studio albums should reflect how the musicians’ lives have changed over the years.

Emo/pop punk lead singers typically have a tenor vocal range. Usually no more than a two octave vocal range. There are some exceptions in the pop-punk genre. From my own experience, Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie not only have distinctive singing vocals but also have more than two octave range. Patrick Stump has three octave vocal range. He even throws in R&B and funk vibes into his singing vocals which is unusual for this rock sub-genre. Patrick Stump is technically classified as a high lyric tenor vocalist. His vocals are emotively soulful yet still has clarity.

Thanks to Fall Out Boy, I discovered other Fueled by Ramen artists/bands between 2008 and 2011. Paramore, The Academy Is, Cobra Starship, and Panic! at the Disco. I’ve had the opportunity to see almost all of them live in concert. Paramore in October 2009 (mtvU’s Ulalume festival) and July 2014 (Monumentour tour with Fall Out Boy). The Academy Is in July 2009 (mtvU’s SunBloc festival with Boys Like Girls). Panic! At the Disco in August 2014 (This is Gospel tour) and September 2015. Cobra Starship is the only exception. Sadly, Cobra Starship disbanded in November 2015.  Also, The Academy Is disbanded in October 2011.

I had the chance to see Fall Out Boy live in concert twice. July 2014 on Monumentour with co-headliner Paramore. This was my second time seeing Paramore in concert. But this was my first Fall Out Boy concert. Also, this was my first concert in four years. I couldn’t have asked for a better combination of my favorite bands for a tour. June 2015 on Boys of Zummer tour with co-headliner Wiz Khalifa. I have a strong dislike for rap genre in general. So I wasn’t a fan of them touring with rapper Wiz Khalifa. But I’d put up with him if it meant seeing FOB in concert again. Monumentour was promoting Save Rock and Roll album. Boys of Zummer tour was promoting American Beauty/ American Pyscho album.


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Fall Out Boy deliver dynamic, energetic live performances. They’re even better live than on recorded studio albums. Plus, each of the four band members are charismatic in their own ways. Pete Wentz, the bassist, does majority of the talking during concerts which isn’t the same with my other rock bands. Lead vocalists typically offer commentary during live concerts. But Patrick Stump does very little talking during live performances. He doesn’t mind Pete taking over the live commentary aspect. Patrick, Pete, Andy, and Joe have a blast throughout the setlist. Fall Out Boy knows how to enthusiastically engage their crowd at concerts.

Decaydance logoI’m so thankful Fall Out Boy helped launched the music career of bands including The Academy Is and Panic! at the Disco. Pete Wentz actually formed an independent record label in 2004. DCD2 Records (formerly Decaydance Records) is an imprint of Fueled by Ramel record label. The four band members have branched out to other projects and roles when not actively recording new Fall Out Boy music.

Fall Out Boy never fails to amaze me with music they come out with. There are still always some elements of rock. Pop-punk is what gained them mainstream popularity. Yet, they learned to keep reinventing their musical style to remain relevant in the music industry. Some FOB fans complain they want things to go back to the golden pop-punk days. No thank you. I really do love their musical style evolution especially after post-hiatus. Plus, Fall Out Boy gained a newer generation of fans as a result of their pop rock musical evolution after their hiatus. Musicians strive to reach new groups of people with their music. Yet, they don’t forget about their loyal longtime fans. I’ll cherish the musical styles in Infinity on High and Folie à Deux. But I don’t want to hear the same musical style for every proceeding studio album. I love how I can simultaneously headbang and dance along to Fall Out Boy songs. Over the past 11 years, my love for Fall Out Boy has exponentially grown. I’m eagerly looking forward to their upcoming seventh studio album, Mania, coming out in January 2018.

Their upcoming seventh album is continues to demonstrate Fall Out Boy’s musical evolution. Mania album is a huge departure from Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Pyscho studio albums. Yet, I will still continue to support Fall Out Boy. “Hold Me Tight or Don’t” is the fourth single from upcoming Mania album.