Three Days Grace


From previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned how 2006 was a pivotal year for me in terms of the major shift in music genre preference. Generally, middle school brings up unpleasant memories for most people. Around this time, kids began to discover who they are. Middle school was a very dark time for me. Whirlwind of tumultuous emotions. Self-esteem and self-identity problems played a major role in this dark time of my life. Basically it was a battle against my own negative thoughts. You couldn’t tell from the forced happy outer appearance I put on. My introverted personality often causes me to bottle up my emotions. I preferred keeping my emotional turmoil to myself than burden others with it.

My musical preferences reflected my life experiences. Up to this point, I mainly listened to Disney Channel artists such as Jesse McCartney, Hilary Duff, Aly & AJ. My musical tastes drastically shifted in 2006. I don’t recall the exact moment I was officially introduced to Three Days Grace’s music. It was either Smallville or Gossip Girl fan-made YouTube videos that put Three Days Grace on my music radar. I really loved the heavy hard rock sound. It left a great first impression. My fandoms have led me to some really great music over the past 10 years.

Also, I discovered AFI and Skillet around the same time. My music tastes turned darker in middle school. Anyway, it wasn’t long before I checked out Three Day Grace’s albums from my local library. Their self-titled debut album was really good but didn’t quite hit home like One-X album.

Their sophomore album, One-X, was released in June 2006. I learned about this band several months following One-X’s release. In One-X album, the lead singer, Adam Gontier, reflected upon a particularly dark time in his life. Adam’s emotionally raw vocals really touched my soul. Also, his vocals are very soothing. I could listen to it for many hours. Basically, this album speaks to anyone going through a tough time in life. The gloomier tone of One-X’s song lyrics really spoke to me. It was very therapeutic as it helped me battle my own chaotic emotions. Their music helped me vent my bottled up feelings. Within the comfort of my bedroom, I could drop my “happy” act I put on at home and in public. My emotional connection to their lyrical content created a stronger interest in Three Days Grace. A year later, I overcame my emotional turmoil and put this dark time of my life behind me. This didn’t stop me from listening to Three Days Grace’s music.

Their third album, Life Starts Now, was released in September 2009. I wasn’t aware of this fact until one day I randomly tuned into either Fuse or MTV Hits television channel. “Break” was the promotional single for Life Starts Now. The music video for this single began playing on Fuse or MTV Hits. Even though I had been listening to their music for three years, I had never watched any of Three Days Grace’s music videos. So I literally had no idea what any of the band members looked like. (My personal motto: Music is supposed to be an auditory experience not based off a person’s outer appearance. Now if a musician is attractive that is an added bonus. But outer beauty should not be the primary determinant of whether or not music is good.) I really loved the fascinating concept for “Break” music video. Life Starts Now offered slightly more optimistic tones to the lyrical content compared to One-X. Yet, there was still dark undercurrents injected into the songs. This album covered a broader range of emotions. Life Starts Now still to this day is my second favorite album. One-X will always be my all-time favorite album since it was my official introduction to this band.

Their fourth album, Transit of Venus, was released in October 2012. It was a decent album, but not one of my favorites. Overall, this album had a slightly less heavy hard rock sound. The musical style for Transit of Venus is slightly distinct from their previous three albums. Overall, I wasn’t as much of a fan of the more refined sound in Transit of Venus. It didn’t feel as emotionally raw as previous albums. Out of all the songs, “Unbreakable Heart” is my favorite non-single track off this album. So that’s all I have to say about Transit of Venus album.

Due to creative differences, the lead singer, Adam Gontier, announced his abrupt departure from Three Days Grace in January 2013. This news broke my heart. I’m not one to easily give up on a band I’ve devotedly been listening to for 9 years. Yet, it was Adam’s beautifully blunt song lyrics and raw, vulnerable vocals that made me fall in love with Three Day Grace’s music. In my opinion, Adam was the heart and soul of Three Days Grace. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue listening to Three Days Grace without Adam Gontier. I am aware how horribly disloyal this sounds. Matt Walst, lead vocalist of My Darkest Days and brother of Three Day Grace’s bassist, became the temporary lead vocalist for Transit of Venus tour. Eventually, Matt would become permanent lead singer of Three Days Grace.

Their fifth album, Human, was released in March 2015 with new lead singer, Matt Walst. Honestly, I was adamantly refused to listen to this new Three Days Grace album. Until six months ago, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to this album. It literally took me 15 listens of the whole album before I got accustomed to the new lead singer’s voice. I do like some of the songs off this album. But a part of me cannot love this new musical direction. Their new sound is too overproduced to my liking. I prefer a more organic and slightly raw sound. Their fifth album captures musical style elements of previous Three Days Grace albums with infusion a slightly new sound. Yet, Matt Walst’s harsh vocals just isn’t my cup of tea. I cannot listen to his vocals for prolonged periods of time. Compared to the former lead singer, Matt Walst’s vocals aren’t as soothing and lacks certain emotional depth. This is my own personal opinion.

Sadly, my whole heart just isn’t into Three Days Grace’s newer music anymore. In my mind, the Three Days Grace I will deeply cherish is associated with their self-titled debut album to Transit of Venus. Sorry if this makes me a disloyal fan. But I respect those who do love the new direction of Three Days Grace’s music. I will do my best to support Three Days Grace’s future album, but I am not guaranteeing anything. This is my blunt honesty.