Dane Cook

I’ve always had a slightly unconventional sense of humor. Sassy, witty, punny, crude, and dark humor elements all gloriously mixed together somehow. You cannot tell this by merely looking at me. So never judge a person based off their appearance alone.

Typically I don’t follow much stand-up comedians. I’ve mainly watched late night talk shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Occasionally, I tune into The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Late Late Show with James Corden. I’ll even watch Saturday Night Live if there is honestly no other good TV programs to watch that late at night. Beside late night talk shows, I don’t pay attention much to stand-up comedians within the industry. Yet, Dane Cook is one of the few exceptions.

Throughout high school, I always had a quirky group of friends. Truly never a dull moment when we hang out. One day at lunch, a friend of mine casually brought up Dane Cook’s name into a conversation. I had never heard of this stand-up comedian. This piqued my curiosity. So I decided to check out his comedic sketches on YouTube.

My friend gave me absolutely no warning me about strong profanity and crudeness within Dane Cook’s comedy. This took a little while to get adjusted to before I could truly enjoy his jokes. Dane Cook’s jokes are so hilarious. It never fails to make me laugh so hard that there are tears streaming down my face. Yet, I acknowledge his brand of comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea.

He knows how to capture his audience’s attention. Dane Cook’s comedy is known for long-form storytelling format. It covers many aspects of general life topics. His comedic material is typically observational humor injected with nerdy references and his life experiences. I especially love the dark humor undertones interlaced into his jokes. Dane Cook’s jokes honestly never get old even many years later. Unfortunately, people sometimes assume Dane Cook is an asshole based off the crude nature of his comedy.

Nostalgia is an interesting thing indeed. There are times I will revisit some stuff I loved as a teenager. Every once in a while, I have the urge to listen to Dane Cook’s comedy. He is one silly goose. I can’t even explain why I feel these random nostalgic urges sometimes.

(WARNING: The short audio and video clips below contains occasional infrequent profanity and crude humor.)