This is my first blog post ever. I’ve always wanted to create a blog site. Of course I’d thrown around some ideas in my head, yet nothing seemed to stick. Lately, the idea of creating my own blog had been proliferating in my thoughts. Basically I’ve been a nerdy person nearly my whole life. I felt it was only fitting to devote my blog to my nerdy passions in terms of books, TV shows, movies, and music fandoms. I proudly embrace my nerdtastically quirky personality.

Fandom quote

According to Oxford Dictionary, fandom is defined as “the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture”. The fandom culture has been a prevalent part of my life for almost ten years now. I cannot recall what exactly introduced me to the fandom life. It is a three-way tie between three huge science-fiction movie franchises. Star Wars saga. X-Men trilogy. Spider-Man trilogy (with Tobey Macguire). Of course over the past several years my fandom interests have drastically increased. I cannot list all the fandoms I’m part of. Way too long of a list to fit into this post. To say the least, I like variety in terms of fandoms for my TV show, movie, books, and music obsessions.

I grew up in the dial-up internet era which meant fandom subculture was not as prevalent as it is nowadays. Yet, this never stopped me from pursuing my geeky obsessions. This required me to find creative routes to enjoy my interests. Technological advances in terms of the internet have enabled the widespread popularity of fandom subculture. In my opinion, YouTube and FanFiction have played a vital role in the perpetuation of the fandom subculture.

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I have a personal motto about the fandom subculture.  “You don’t choose the fandom life. It chooses you in some way, shape, or form.” This has proven to be quite true in my life. More often than not, I’ve discovered new fandoms because of my friends. I actually met many of my close friends as a result of our shared fandom interests. Nerdy friends will often unintentionally or intentionally try to convert each other to their beloved fandom(s). This produces mixed results. Either you jump on-board with them or find it isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Once you embrace the multi-fandom life, it forever changes how to perceive the world around you. I regret absolutely nothing about my multi-fandom life.

I shall close with an inspirational quote. “Don’t let anyone make you be who you aren’t. Always stay true to yourself at all times. Even with it isn’t trendy.”