San Diego Comic-Con


Comic-Con International is a four day convention that covers all nerdy fandoms from TV shows, movies, and comic books. This year San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) took place from July 21, 2016 to July 24th, 2016. Since 2006, the annual attendance ranges from 120,000 to 167,000 people.  Comic-Con is essentially cornucopia of fandom subculture. Every nerd dreams of attending San Diego Comic-Con! We want to hang out with other like us…fellow nerds who passionately embrace the multi-fandom life. Plus, the awesome overload of all things within our nerdy subculture. It wasn’t until 2006 when I even learned what San Diego Comic-Con was.

About Comic-Con International

The superhero science-fiction genre is the reason I even know about San Diego Comic-Con’s existence. All I knew was this was the place for all my fandoms. I hadn’t ventured to too many fandoms at this point. Since 2006, it has been one of lifelong goals to attend San Diego Comic-Con. It is nearly impossible to acquire a general admission pass for SDCC. They’re highly coveted tickets that completely sell out in less than couple hours of becoming available to the public. I’d love to attend SDCC at least once.

Nerdy fandoms have increasingly become more mainstream over the past several years. Comic-Con is basically one humongous celebration of the nerd culture. Many of my TV show and movie fandoms are part of SDCC basically every year. San Diego convention center has total of 17 rooms utilized for panels and screenings. Almost all my fandoms hold panels in the famous Hall H. This is because of these fandoms have huge prevalence within pop culture. Being one of the biggest two rooms, Hall H seats nearly 6,100 persons. Yet you cannot forget about the enormous main floor area of San Diego convention center.

Technological advances have played a vital role in shaping the San Diego Comic-Con experience. People who aren’t able to attend don’t have to fret about being left out of the loop. Social media platforms such as Twitter enable people to vicariously experience SDCC. This is the beauty of technology making the world increasingly interconnected.

Essentially San Diego Comic-Con is Christmas in July for nerds. I don’t even care if it spans for only four days. These four days I am pretty much glued to my laptop and smartphone for SDCC real-time updates. Official Twitter accounts for my plethora of TV shows will give highlights from Comic-Con. Even actors will tweet content about Comic-Con. Although, SDCC Unofficial Blog Twitter account is a reliable source for everything related to Comic-Con. You can utilize technology especially social media platforms to your advantage. I take SDCC very seriously. San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is over. Now the waiting game for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 begins!